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  • A Java 8 Parser is available on github.
  • A C++11 Parser for XSP3-core is available on github.


  • A Java 8 Solution Checker is available on github.


  • A Python library for modeling is available at github.


Various constraint solving systems support XCSP3:

  • ACE (AbsCon Essence), a generic constraint solver
  • BTD , an original system exploiting the structure of problems with tree-decomposition
  • CoSoCo, a constraint solver written in C++
  • Choco, a free and open-Source Java Library for Constraint Programming
  • Concrete, a CP system written in Scala
  • Diet-sugar, a SAT-based CSP Solver Equipped with Hybrid Encoding integrating Order and Log Encodings.
  • Mistral, an open source constraint programming library written in C++
  • Naxos Solver, a library for an object-oriented Constraint Programming environment implemented in C++.
  • OscaR, Operational Research in Scala
  • PicatSAT, Compiling CSP to SAT
  • Sat4J, a Boolean satisfaction and optimization library in Java